An Introduction to Costume Design for Animation, Gaming and Illustration.

Publisher: Design Studio Press, Spring 2020


Costume design is storytelling. And to do it successfully, you need to understand the five functions of a costume: to connect to plot and theme, establish the structure of society, put in a specific time and place, indicate personality, and reveal a passage of time. It is an exciting and challenging craft that involves a thoughtful and thorough examination of these various elements in order to give a costume life. In animation, games, and illustration, in particular, the designer needs to be acutely aware of the unique characteristics and limitations of each medium—from solid research approaches and basic production pipelines to audience experience and ideal tools of the trade.

Talking Threads: Costume Design for Animation, Games, and Illustration, backed by decades of experience of five industry professionals, provides an in-depth exploration of these functions and format considerations to equip artists with the necessary knowledge and mindset to develop strong narrative-informed costume designs. Each chapter is packed with creative exercises, detailed tutorials, inspiring designs, and invaluable insights that will help artists of all levels confidently and efficiently tackle their next costume adventure.

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