Live Action Design for Film and Stage; Culture Design

  • Costume and Culture Specialist | Film and Television - Los Angeles, CA
  • Art Director/Costume Designer - Moonraker Game Studios

Gwyn grew up in what she affectionately calls a "carnie' family. Her father was a director and orator, her mother a costume designer and movement specialist. Her sister is a sound engineer, and her sister's husband an automator. Gwyn was, in fact, doomed from the start. 

Gwyn was determined to fall far from the tree. She proceeded to spend a hefty chunk of her education abroad, and graduated as the only student to have earned the United Nations stole for studying in more than four countries. Until her last two years of college, Gwyn was determined to be a UN translator. As a result, she spent her summers and semesters traipsing across the world. Her travels took her from Japan to the Czech Republic, Brazil to Taiwan. 

By the time she graduated with her MFA in costume design from University of California - Irvine, she had already gathered 8 awards and nominations in the field, including from the LA Ovations and Kennedy Center. She continues to work closely with the Kennedy Center and National Partners of American Theatre to curate annual tours of South Korea for their national design awardees. 

Gwyn's passions in costume design are much broader in scope than most designers, making her a specialist in culture building and the larger picture. Her unique point of view as a multilingual global citizen gives her the ability to tell stories in truly innovative ways.

Select collaborators include: David McCracken, Rogue Artists Ensemble, Mihai Maniutiu, Galen Hooks, Tim and Pamela Kashani, Robert Cohen, NFL, NBC SkyCastle, David Warwick, Adriana Lambarri, Kennedy Center, Korea National University of the Arts, National Partners of American Theatre, Moonraker Game Studios, Joe Kucharski, Tim Vo, Jessica Dru Johnson