Haute Hogs: Fashionable Pigs                                       in Children’s Entertainment

Haute Hogs: Fashionable Pigs in Children’s Entertainment

I don’t know what it says about me that some of my favorite characters in children's entertainment are pigs, but it’s true (and by now everyone knows, my favorite animal is the giraffe - THE SHAME).

And those same pigs can rock their wardrobes, y'all. 

Let’s start off with Miss Piggy (because I’d get a major HI-YAH if I didn’t):


One of the most, if not THE MOST, fashionable pig. Piggy’s design has come a long way since she debuted on The Muppet Show in 1976, but she has never stopped being at the forefront of fashion. Always the glamazon, it was the first time I was ever jealous of a fictional character’s wardrobe (so many sequins).


Second is my girl Olivia.

I feel like Olivia could be Miss Piggy’s little cousin or something. Always rocking some kind of stripes, she knows how to werk it. She is BOSS. I love every story that Ian Falconer has put out about her.


Third and fourth are Toot and Puddle.

I consider these two pigs the pinnacle of porcine character design. I think they are perfect in every way and I bow to Holly Hobbie’s brilliance. Not as overtly fabulous as Miss Piggy and Olivia, they have their own country charm - Woodcock Pocket obviously isn’t a fashion mecca. And if you don’t know me, I have a weakness for characters with overalls and striped shirts, so Puddle is obviously my favorite (he’s also the homebody. Of course.) But you gotta love Toot’s no-frills turtleneck/pants combo in that mustard palette.

(Honorable mention to Puddle’s cousin Opal, because she’s the cutest.)


Did I miss any? Who’s your favorite pig character?

Header Image from Babypigswearingclothes.tumblr.com
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